February 5, 2011

Snow Can Be Good

At least that's the mantra we recited on our way to the mountain this morning. A trip planned rather spontaneously in an effort to remind us all that snow is not inherently evil, that it may well have a positive purpose in life. And no, I haven't forgotten that we're both graduates of Montana State University, Bozeman where there was an actual written rule that new snow meant classes were canceled (and that both of us held seasons passes to the hill/mountain from the ages of 13 to 21...), so yes I feel ridiculous even posting this out of sheer embarrassment to the true spirit of winter. But we're not in college in anymore. And we don't live in Bozeman anymore. So post I shall because dear sweet mother of all things true...this winter has sucked.

Ash dug the chairlift. Maybe because of the scenery, maybe because of the thrill of going to the top of the mountain, but most likely because daddy had stocked pockets. And by that I mean stocked with starbursts. Nothing like a little sugar to psych you up for getting to the top.

Our room has it's own "hot pool" which basically means Ash has decided he'll live here forever. And Leni has decided that she no longer sees any reason to go to bed before Ash. So, we hot pooled, we watched whatever was on Cartoon Network with some popcorn in mommy and daddy's bed, and soaked up a whole lot of just-the-4-of-us.

And then we kicked them out. To their own beds on the other side of the wall. And lest you think we did this in an effort to be all romantic and such, I'll just remind you that I'm currently blogging and daddy's currently scouring Craigslist for a new minivan.



PC said...

Love it all, the photos, the "swimming" the chair lift and starbursts...not sure about the minivan :)...suggest to Mike he talks to Brett.

Jill said...

Starbursts sound good, I usually have loose skittles in my pocket.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of Ash and Leni watching TV on their bellies. Seriously cute!

Gamma! said...

Cuteness to the extreme! Thanks for posting! Have a fun day tomorrow...love to all.

Christine said...

where'd you go, you crazy kids? love the pic of kids on bellies, they're precious. we were outside a lot today, I walked 8 miles! you are right, the winter. has. sucked. I feel we are in for a break one day soon. No, really, we are.