June 8, 2007

Adoption, First Email!

You wouldn't think that a simple email indicating that a package has been received could be the source for such a massive PHEW. But it was. Today I got an email from CHI (Children's Hope International) saying that they received our application for the Ethiopia program and that they would be contacting us shortly. CONTACTING US SHORTLY! YEAH! I realize that there is a long way to go from here to having a child with us in our home, but this was the first confirmed step towards that goal. And I love it. I hope that they accept us in to the program, and even more I hope they do so prior to our trip to Europe in two weeks. What a lovely thing that would be to celebrate. Maybe I should start the CIS paperwork myself just to keep things rolling... I know they recommend waiting for the home study before going ahead with these things, but I can hardly wait I'm so excited. Wow the next 7-18 months are going to be hard!

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