September 14, 2007

Our Child Has A Guardian!

Yesterday we made a very important phone call. My sister Julie agreed to be the legal guardian to our first child! She lives in MN near the rest of our family. We're so excited that she is willing to take on this very important role and could not have possibly chosen a better person. She has a similar zest for life, values, and an amazing support network of family and friends. We'll need to create a Will formally stating this decision, and all of a sudden I'm feeling VERY grown up...

Although it is now looking realistic to have our dossier in Ethiopia by November I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high. With the exchange of paperwork anything can happen to cause a delay. That said, I really do think our dossier will be on Ethiopian soil by Thanksgiving and am so excited to be officially in the stage where we're just waiting for our referral.

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