February 16, 2010

Back To The Brown House

When we left NY it was snowing, and returning to NY a weekend later it's snowing again. BUT, given that the time in between those two snowfalls was spent in MN where there seems to be six feet of snow piled everywhere reminding us what "real" winter is, I suppose I'll be a bit more forgiving of our seemingly weaker Northeast version. To paint a slightly more solid picture, if you live in NY and guests come to visit during a snowfall the host's first gut reaction will likely be to call for delivery of hot cocoa and Thai food, whereas the MN host may drag out a box of snowpants and other sledding attire in every size humanly possible thus being able to dress every man woman and child head to toe in enough gear to sustain life in an igloo for at least a month.

Still, sooner rather than later I may be on board with Ash's coping technique of just dressing up and playing make believe till the sun decides to come out and stay out, or at least until we get that first splash of spring color in the local gardens. Ash's character of choice is his newly acquired Woody costume, but I'm thinking about heading in a different direction myself. Perhaps something a la Kirstie Alley in Look Who's Talking with giant bows in my hair and humongous butterfly print empire waste moo-moo's dresses. Don't worry, I'll spare the internets any photo documented proof of that sure to be lovely image and stick to posting the tot's make believe sessions instead. Though if winter sticks around too much longer HE may be the one wearing the gigantic bows on his head...

And, a very heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the congrats sent our way over the last week. We're truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing family and friends, via in person hugs as well as internet XXOO's. You're all so incredibly kind, thank you for all of the love.

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Carol McG said...

Just when we think that the very cutest pictures have already been posted you blast us with cuter ones. I love the first two; matter of fact I love them all!