February 26, 2010

The Smoke Joint

If you ever find yourself in Brooklyn, craving wings, and can handle a proper hot sauce challenge then you'll want to stop by The Smoke Joint. I happened to be experiencing all 3 of the above mentioned prerequisites while the universe was puking 3 feet of snow down onto the city, and let's just say most cravings don't go untended to these days so it was off to The Smoke Joint we went. I mean trudged. I mean spent a solid hour bundling up for complete with hat/mittens/scarves/snowpants/snowboots to then slip and slide between icy unshoveled sidewalks and deep slushy pits of puddles. All for an order of Brooklyn Wings, an all-beef hot dog, and the worlds most delectable mac n cheese. Sure, delivery of anything else we could have possibly wanted was a mere phone call away from our warm comfy couch, but then Ash wouldn't have been able to climb and then roll down, climb and then roll down, and climb and then roll down every stinkin' pile of snow in Brooklyn. A deliciously spicy lunch date later along with one soggy pair of pants, two completely soaked through socks, and the only human in NYC actually excited about the snow (along with every other toddler child, perhaps), we said cheers to winter and headed in for naptime. TGIF.


PC said...

I wish I was there!

G. Lopez . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . said...

Hi, I was blog surfing and made it to yours for the first time and my son (adopted from Philippines) asked:
is that my sister? (we are waiting court date)looking at your son's picture.
No, that's a boy, I said.
Can he be my brother?? was his response. So I explained him he already has a family.
Was a nice short conversation but made me smile.

Carol McG said...

Snowstorms are what you make them and it you definitely made the best of it! It makes me smile to think of Ashton climbing and rolling in the snow. We should all keep some of that little kid outlook tucked away.