March 8, 2010


Yup, I made those. The fluffy looking golden crusted salty treats you see above started with a bag of flour and within moments of being taken out of the oven found themselves being dipped in butter and mustard sauce. Trust me, nothing in this house has ever come out of the oven with a golden crusted top unless it came paired with a burnt to a crisp bottom. That is, until the new oven arrived. Two days and I'm absolutely smitten. Give me 5 days and we'll all be 10 pounds heavier. Thank goodness the recent Springly weather also means the sun is staying out past 4:30PM leaving us with a bit of time to chase the ball and bikes around the yard after school/work. Those few blissful post-work pre-dinner moments spent outside, just the 3 of us, should help balance the new oven induced calorie intake. And if not then the glass of sparkling rose should help do the trick - I hear there's a recent study out from across the pond linking sparkling rose to increased metabolism... Ahhh, Spring.

Just one more week until "spring ahead" when sunrise gets pushed to after 7AM and sunset doesn't come around till well after 6PM. Love it.

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Faye &Willian Summerhill said...

this weather is divine! ready ready ready for warmer days! and play dates w/ ash!!!!
thanks jo....can't wait to see you guys w/ Konjit in tow.make sure it's nice and warm for us when we are back from ethiopia!