March 3, 2010

Car Talk

Mom: Ash, you know the baby in mommy's belly? It's definitely a girl! Are you excited to have a baby sister?
Ash: Brother?
Mom: No, sister. Are you excited to be a big brother to baby Helena?
Ash: Helena Boy?
Mom: No, Helena is a girl. Your baby sister.
Ash: Baby booty head?
Mom: Ash, you know we don't like you saying booty head.
Ash: Oh. Sorry.


Bridget said...

niiiice! (She's beautiful!!!) I keep asking Elia if she's excited about some day having a baby sister and without fail, she replies, "no, brother!"
Go figure. :)

Cloverland Farm said...

What?! Did I miss an earlier post!?!?!?!!?!? Congratulations!!!!!! See you guys Sunday, yes?

Sam's mom said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such fantastic news.
And what the hecks wrong with booty head? It's my pet name for G!

PC said...

How cool, let the shopping begin! Love Mom C

Amanda said...

Ok, so-is he excited to be a big brother to baby booty head? ;)

Barbara said...

Wow! Just popped in to say "hi" and looky that! Congratulations!

Janelle said...

How very cool! Now you can officially start shopping for thing that come in pink:-) We needed another girl in the family!

Also, congrats on your new stove! Pass along that pretzel recipee :-)

Ted and Lori said...

Ash is so funny. Wish we lived closer to each other. He and Abe would be such buds.

Rebecca said...

So Baby Booty Head is officially out of the running? I guess Helena will do :)