August 16, 2010

Just Picture It

Saturday morning. Baby Child just fed (aka, snoozing soundly) and Toddler Child sweetly engrossed in a Care Bears movie on daddy's lap. Mommy sneakily wraps her legs around the corner and tip-toes up the stairs to the bathroom. The room where the bathtub is. The bathtub, as in the thing mommy was prohibited from using during during the pregnancy and then prohibited from using again until after the incision from the cesarean healed (another 6 weeks). There's just enough hot water left in the hot water heater after the morning laundry load filled with "we're parents of a newborn" and "we're parents of a newly potty trained toddler" puked/pee'd on items (sometimes both) to fill the tub with the most scrumptious hot bubbly water. Oh, and it doesn't end there. That bathroom I mentioned earlier? The one with the bathtub? IT IS THE ONLY ROOM IN THE HOUSE WITH A LOCK. Me and a few of the most recent editions of NY Mag, well, we enjoyed some much needed alone time. The only thing that could have possibly enhanced the experience would have been Leo DiCaprio appearing in the window for the soul purpose of dropping off a perfectly iced margarita on the rocks no salt...

And then just picture it again

Saturday night. Toddler Child has brushed his teeth, gone potty, read stories, sung songs, gone potty again, and is now singing himself to sleep with Plain White T's tunes (see post below). Baby Child on the other hand is clearly resisting all efforts for a pre-11PM snooze time. Sure it's been nice that our now nearly 8 week old daughter has delivered at least one 6-hour nightly block of sleep during actual nighttime hours since she was 4-5 weeks old, but we're going for gold here folks. We want to control when that 6-hour block happens, and if at all possible extend it to 7 or 8 or 9 or... So, have you seen the episode of Sex and the City where Samantha babysits for Miranda and the vibrating chair runs out of batteries so Samantha replaces them with her Hitachi Magic Wand?

Bottom line = IT WORKS. Sure, go ahead and judge. But Baby's got a new crib toy and mommy and daddy seem to have been green lighted for a 9:30PM bedtime. Score.

Sometimes just picturing it looks better to some than others. In this case, anyone out there currently parenting both a toddler and an infant is currently hating us. A Lot. Well, that or they just installed a lock on their bathroom (the one with the bathtub) door and are searching for the nearest Hitachi product retail shop to their home and are headed there. Right. Now.


Kelly said...

That scene is one of my all-time favorites on SATC! I love that you found a way to recreate it for a peaceful night at your house!

Carol McG said...

I loved that episode. Talk about using both sides of your brain for a solution, huh? I bet they never thought that someday it might come in handy for some sleep deprived parents, though.