August 2, 2010

Welcome August

July (forever to be known as the 31 sleepless days when daddy had more traveling projects than ever and mommy morphed into Agent MMM: Maniacal Milk-producing Machine) is out and August has happily rolled its way in. Nearly 6 weeks down as a family of 4 and I'm proud to report we're all still breathing, albeit a bit quicker than before at times. Like the time I realized I had 5 minutes to get Ash to school and Leni had just filled her diaper (and jammies) and I hadn't brushed my teeth and Ash got both legs stuck in one hole in his underpants and the cat had just escaped. Ash was only 1 minute late to school that day. And the time daddy was on his FINAL flight of a 5-week travel spree for work and had to be deplaned then re-planed 5 or 6 times before the flight was canceled then rebooked on the next flight (that was leaving from the complete opposite side of the airport in 16 minutes), meanwhile the kids and I anxiously prepped for his return home by trying to simultaneously bathe the 3 year old and feed the 5 week old and try to identify which of the 3 piles of laundry are A) puked on B) spilled on C) clean, because everything fits in to 1 of those 3.

And then he was really really home and I really really popped the champagne and we proceeded to hang out together, all 4 of us, for an entire weekend. And daddy didn't even have to be at an airport at 6AM Monday morning! We may even venture to wing night at the village pub tonight in celebration! I wonder what super spicy buffalo chicken does to the flavor of breast milk.

Buh-bye July and Hellooooo August!

Kid stats:
Ash made the move to big boy underpants a little over a week ago and we've enjoyed being (nearly) accident free ever since. His cereal of choice for potty battleship is Kix. He's a puzzle-putting-together machine. Seriously, give him a puzzle listed for age 5+ and he'll have it put together faster than I can place our dinner order for sushi delivery.
Leni continues to grow like a weed. She's gone from 4lbs 13oz to 7lbs 6oz in just less than 6 weeks. She giggles in her sleep and has started to grab objects in front of her. She'll be carefully selecting which of Ash's puzzle pieces to slobber over in no time.

And us?
Last night Ash kissed Mommy and Leni goodnight and brought Daddy upstairs for stories. Mommy and Leni listened through the window while swinging in the hammock on the porch. Then Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a Beer and some animal crackers while watching the Discovery Channel's Shark Week episode #1.

August = So far, so good.


Anonymous said...

You are such a talented writer. Maybe you should consider a job in which you can use the writing skills and more people can enjoy reading your stories? :-) Hugs from Norway

Carol McG said...

I love the beer and animal crackers snack. Hey you work with what's available, right? It sounds intriguing; I may have to try it sometime. I'm glad to hear that everyone survived July and now it's August! One out of diapers is a big accomplishment; one clean pile of clothes is another! Keep on moving along; you're doing great! Love, Carol McG

Autumn and Dan's family said...

Ok, I think I'm officially hooked on your blog.