December 18, 2010

But Wait, Where Are The Children?

With other absolutely 100% capable LIFE SAVERS, that's where. Well OK maybe there wasn't any actual life saving going on, but there was a fair amount of sanity saving and some seriously needed time away, together. We love our children, we really really do, but they make finding time to spend together as a couple a wee bit difficult. So when the opportunity arises we jump - high and fast. And it arose twice this week. TWICE. As in, if you see us walking down Broadway tomorrow we may not even be twitching. We might look... chill.

Opportunity #1 came about when we both decided to take a day off of work and hire a babysitter so that we could spend a random weekday playing hookie. We basically restaurant hopped all day, tossed in a visit to MoMA, and wrapped the evening at an art auction. Pristine. Opportunity #2 came in the form of our child-swapping weekends with friends who have 2 children the exact same age as ours. They take ours for a night then we take theirs for a night. Not just pristine, AWESOME. No, DOUBLE AWESOME. We spent our night away at a friends holiday party eating unbelievable BBQ and not having to worry about spilling red wine on a child. Then we spent our night with the four kids playing "where should we fly the magic rocket ship to next?" and listening to endless giggles from the bedroom where two of the world's most adorable 3 1/2 year olds told each other stores till nearly 11PM.

So if you were concerned about the children, don't be. They're fine. Wonderful even. And so are we.


kn said...

Love love love this post!

Why do I feel congratulations are in order?

Anyway, glad you had such a fun week.

PC said...

fun and that restaurant looks very familiar!!