December 5, 2010

She Speaks

So I admit to sucking at this lately. If it makes any difference I have at least 2-3 blog posts daily run through my mind, word for word, that just never seem to make it to here. And they're good ones too! Brilliant even! Well, maybe not so much, and perhaps that's why I haven't taken the time to put them to writing. That said though, I'm not giving up. As infrequently as I post here it's still pretty much our only hope at having any sort of life book / baby book / family album for keepsake purposes since I also suck (even more) at doing any of those things in their non-computer form. So I forge on...

We switched Leni's formula to Earth's Best Organic Soy (we were on their dairy version) and her monumental puking after every feeding seems to have subsided. Hallelujah. We've also started feeding her apples, pears, carrots, and sweet potatoes - sometimes mixed with rice cereal, sometimes not. Ash still eats pretty much anything you put in front of him, or at least he'll try a bite or two before making the "this is the grossest thing on Earth WHY are you feeding this to me?" face. His latest favorite is the spicy cold noodle dish from one of our local Japanese joints, and not too far off in the running would be daddy's spicy chicken - the boy is kicking his taste for spice up a notch and this makes us all smile.

We're coming off a week of daddy being on a zillion airplanes and gamma coming to visit to make sure mommy's head doesn't pop off, and I'm happy to report it didn't. Thanks to gamma and the one flight of daddy's that actually landed on time - the important one, the one that landed him HOME. 3 work weeks left in 2010 then we get to spend Christmas in MN and New Years in Mexico. And then? Then we're going to be entering the year where our son turns 4 and our girl wraps her first year of life and holy hell SLOW IT DOWN. Well, slow it down AFTER we get to the Christmas in MN and New Years in Mexico part. But the next 3 weeks can fly by as fast as they very well please.

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