March 23, 2008

Weekend Bliss

* It's always a good idea to celebrate Christmas during Easter weekend.
* A weekend with no preplanned events will result in more getting done, more fun being had, and more rest being caught up on.
* When cooking with garlic and wondering how much of your head of garlic to chop, a good rule to follow is "use the rest".
* Lamb chops on the grill rock.
* When the grill is lit and the sun is out the cats will attempt to escape and chase after the creatures they've been hunting through the windows all winter. If you're lucky you'll catch the cat before it sprints under the deck, and if not you're in for a long afternoon of cat catching...
~And most importantly, you can never get enough of Israel Kamakawiwo Ole's version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow~

1 comment:

Gamma! said...

I loved the Somewhere Over the Rainbow - thanks for sharing! Between that and our great Gaither music to end our day, it was perfect! Love you!