March 8, 2008

Wait, Work, Wine

Sometimes I wish that the adoption process was the only dominating "thing" happening in our lives, but then I quickly come to my senses and realize that that this is most certainly not the case nor do I really wish it were. Beyond waiting for our babe to come home there are the daily realities of life, work, finance, and thankfully plenty of other events to celebrate and be happy about. Life hasn't, and shouldn't, stop because we're adopting. In fact we're lucky to say that it has only gotten more interesting (and along with that more challenging) on almost a daily basis. We wait, we work, we wine.

Wait: We've always known that we would build our family through international adoption, so I suppose you could say we've been thinking about the process for 12.5 years now. (High school sweethearts, dating and married for forever already - I think most in the NE refer to us as a freak of nature, being under 30 and already married for almost 7 years...) But have been actively pursuing the adoption process since May 2007 which puts us at the 10 month mark now. Then there's the "official" list which we were added to in December 2007 when we finally completed the hoop-jumping process of document preparation, notarization, certification, and authentication and were actually added to a list of waiting families. So interpret it as you may, whether we've been waiting 12 years, 10 months, 3 months, honestly I can't even place meaning on the number anymore. I take a deep breath every morning and pray for safety and love for our family.

Work: Challenges in this area will never cease (nor do I wish them too, as work without challenge would naturally push us to seek other work) but sometimes it would be nice if there were fewer challenges. My husband loves his work, and my work is our health insurance...oh wait, I mean...nope, my work really is just our health insurance... But the bottom line is that my passion lies with education and his with photography and both of us could think of nothing better than busting our humps to pursue the good of those causes for the rest of our lives. Sure there will be interruptions, breaks, maybe even a change in direction here or there - but the end goal for both of us is pretty darn clear. (kind of, to us at least ~ or maybe not...)

Wine: We enjoy sharing the occasional glass of good red wine that actually warrants looking at and enjoying the color and varying shades of red that change almost instantaneously from pour to pour. Other than that we are two completely different people, which for us is part of what makes things work. We can't wait to be the 80 year old couple who have been married for 59 years yet still argue over what seem to be the simplest parts of a marriage. Like the vines of a strong growing vineyard our marriage will learn to weave through the vines toward the sun.

For after all, it's the sun that's coming.


Amanda and Andrew said...

I love reading your blog. You have a way with words which is not only informative but uniquely descriptive. :)

I like your entire last paragraph and how you talk about how you're different and you work.

As far as the adoption not being the only dominating "thing", I completely understand what you're saying. I'm thankful everyday that I have school and work going on because without it, I'd be sitting on my bum all day thinking about what we don't have yet: our children.

The sun is coming. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

Brooke said...

I really understand your thoughts about life not stopping. It's so easy to be overcome by this process. As adoptive parents, it's much healthier if we continue to pursue life and not let it stop at the feet of this amazing process.

Wine, oh yes wine. It also helps pass the time! Wow, that was a rhyme. OK, I'm stopping now!

Thinking about you guys and praying for "the call".

Sandi said...

Great post!!! My husband and I are the same way and I cannot imagine being with someone just like me. (Oddly enough we are also highschool sweethearts. . . hmm wonder if there is any correlation.)

Craig & Cindy said...

Great entry, I really enjoyed reading it.


Stacie said...

Good stuff! I like the wine part - the 80 year old couple especially. :)