December 10, 2008

He Gets It

Ashton has taken to cuddling lately, so much so that he actually comes running into our bedroom after breakfast and can't wait to read a story together in bed. And then in the evening after his bath he is so excited to cuddle on the couch with a good book as long as he has a share of the blanket. I might be a tad bit bias but it really is the most adorable thing ever. So, tonight he and I were nestled in together when dad came around with tonight's advent calendar gift (his grandmas made sure he was covered for advent calendars this year so the poor boy has to suffer through opening multiple chocolate/toy windows each night...) and the photos that follow tell the story. He totally gets it.

Mom and Ashton cuddling while opening tonight's advent gift

Ashton finding the perfect place on the tree for his gift

This spot looks perfect

Ashton's first ornament, hung all by himself

And just in case you missed it:
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PC said...

He's the STAR, the ornament simply affirms it! Mom C

Cloverland Farm said...


Anonymous said...

Is there anything cuter than a tot in their jammies? Just when I think that the pictures couldn't be any more precious, bam, another one takes it's place.
Love Carol McG

stephanie said...

So there's hope that Moe will turn into a cuddler??? Very jealous. And I agree that there is nothing cuter than a tot in jammies, which is probably why I let him stay in them all day.

Annie said...

you're making me cry again!

Enjoy every minute of this Christmas season with your own little angel.

DawnKane said...

So stinkin cute. P.S. I have that sweater! Love it! Hope your holiday season has been great so far. We are at the point we want them to be over since our court date is January 2nd. Never have I wanted the holidays to end like this!

Rebecca said...

I love a cuddler! And, yes - Ashton is pretty stinkin cute (even those not biased can see that!)

Brooke said...

Oh my goodness! Ashton is getting so big. Everytime I check in on your blog, it seems like he's changed! He's such a little doll.


los cazadores said...

That pic of Ashton almost makes me want to cry as we wait for baby is so so so precious, seriously. Love those pics.