December 3, 2008


"The Routine" has been a bit out of the norm over the past couple weeks due to the holiday, family visiting, and just our general things-tend-to-change style of life, but this week included an unexpected turn worthy of mention. My boy now rocks to sleep vertical instead of horizontal, and I admit I've never been so emotional over such a seemingly minor development in my entire life.

Prior to this week the bedtime routine included lotion/oiling, a few ounces of milk, and several bedtime stories. But his head was always in the nook of my arm as I cradled him to comfort and then slowly laid him down for the night. This week, however, his head made it's way to my chest slowly finding a new comfortable nook more parallel to myself, more "big boy" positioning, more vertical.

It's amazing to me how much a week holds. I wish I could duct tape myself to him and be a part of every millisecond of his being.


Annie said...

Jo, please don't make me cry...AGAIN!!!
Oh, sweet Ashton, how he is growing up...just tugs so much at a mommy's heart.

Amanda said...

As usual, Jo, you've brought tears to my eyes.


Misty said...

I love that last sentence. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Jo, He did this with me too. I thought it was his usual position! Bedtime with Ash is so special. Watching him unwind and move into the routine you and Mike have developed with the books and the bottle in preparation for actual bedtime is wonderful. He "gets it" and along the way the knots in my neck unkinked as well. Hats off to Ash, Mom and Dad. Love Mom C

stephanie said...

This hurt my heart. I am not ready.

Jill said...

Mari has recently started doing that too. I can't look into her eyes anymore as she falls asleep. Waaaahh! But then again, after she falls asleep on my shoulder, I slouch her down so her head is on my chest and I swear I could sit for hours listening to her breath and sigh. It actually is more comfortable than my arms going to sleep. (Can you tell I'm trying to put a positive spin on this?) Mari has changed so drastically in the last month or two that I sometimes think I will miss something if I even blink. I think it is time to find NeverNeverLand. Why are our kids growing up SO fast? So, so sad.