December 30, 2008

Back To Grandmas

Ashton received two new guitars for Christmas this year (OK, one is technically a ukulele) bringing his total for band instruments to 2 guitars, 1 ukulele, 1 drum set, 1 bongo drum, 1 flute recorder, 1 xylophone, and most important - 1 gigantic set of lungs. Our family dance parties are truly a sight to see as Ash grabs one of our hands, gives us a chosen instrument and proceeds to drag us around the house bouncing up and down while "singing" and playing our instruments. This can last a few minutes or nearly an hour depending on his mood, but almost always involves multiple instrument changes and a new dance routine every now and then.

So, tonight Ash picks up his new ukulele and instead of handing us our instruments he just swung it over his back and waved while repeating, "bye bye, bye bye". And he was off. To grandmas I think but am still not 100% sure. He was strumming the strings and swaying back and forth and everything, and when he reached the kitchen he took just a moment to repeat once more, "bye bye, bye bye". Evidently one day back in NY was enough, he's headed back to grandmas for another round of MN Nice.

(Note to fellow moms who must promise not to judge me, otherwise please just don't read this note. Heading back to MN Nice after the day he had didn't sound like such a bad idea. NO NAP, two hour scream fest leading up to dinner (no doubt due to the lack of nap) and he's got the runs to beat the band, 4 pairs of pants in one day. Thank goodness we ended the evening with a fabulous dance party where he did eventually include mom and dad after realizing that the next plane to MN didn't leave for a few hours, so he decided he could wait. Then we were off to a very nice bottle-free bedtime. Yup, he's done with the bottle. Was today really only 24 hours? Seemed like so much more...)

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PC said...

WOW, no bottle at bedtime. That kid never ceases to amaze. We had such a super holiday with your family. Thise smiles directly reflect the great job you are both doing parents. Just came in from xcountry skiing -15 here! Love M