April 17, 2009

Ashton Boy, Mommy Girl

Ash's vocabulary is exploding and as of late he's obsessed with identifying himself as a boy, daddy as a boy (though sometimes he mixes this up and daddy's accidentally given girl status but trust me, this is quickly corrected), and mommy as a girl. We've been trying to toss in some adjectives as well so often he'll say "Ashton happy boy" or "mommy sad girl" (he's gotten the picture that mommy's sad when he uses his plastic baseball bat to chase the cat) which quickly turns in to "Bridger, sad cat". He's also remembering a ton. He still talks about the bear who lives in the cave in the church in Spain (the only way we could get him excited about visiting cathedrals was to go on a "bear hunt" through all of the dark corners of the churches). He loved it and we got to explore them with Ashton Happy Boy instead of Ash Stop! Quiet Boy! which was nice.

Needless to say we've invested in some enhancements to his playroom that are more along the lines of preschool educational toys like the Brown Bear Memory Game and Twister (yes, there are educational uses for Twister). But if you ask him he'll let you know that rocking out with his guitar and daddy's ukulele is still his favorite thing to do. And trains, and trucks, and pretty much anything else stereotypically favored by two year old boys. Though we are giving him a kitchen set for his playroom for his birthday and mommy girl can play trucks and trains with the best of Ashton and Daddy boys so rest assured we're working on keeping things as gender neutral as possible (with the occasional mention of female superiority and identifying mommy as supreme goddess of the universe of course). Though I haven't yet stooped to Grandma C's level and painted his toes blue...he loved that.

His favorite cartoon characters are Mouse (Mickey Mouse Club House stuff), Manny (Handy Manny), Rocket (Little Einsteins), and he's starting to get in to Elmo and the Sesame Street crew. Oh, and let's not forget Nemo. I'm pretty sure Nemo is the God of all things sweet and sunny in Ash's mind. His favorite people? This one's easy. Owen (his Brooklyn buddy), Sammy/Pistol/Dasher (two horses and a pony), and GG (one of his teachers at school who he absolutely adores). Honestly though he'll hug anyone you ask him to hug and blow kisses to anyone willing to blow them back. While in Barcelona he learned to use "hola" and "ciao" appropriately, and anytime we left a restaurant he'd say, "ciao!" and blow kisses (smack, blow... smack, blow...) to the employees. He may have melted a heart or two...

What am I doing blogging - it's 70 and sunny and we have a weekend of playdates ahead!

~Ciao! (smack, blow... smack, blow...)


Meg DeZutti said...

I totally agree on the girl superiority and Mommy as the Ultimate Rock Star of the Universe!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Meg. Ashton, poor boy, can't enjoy a great pair of stiletto's!