May 18, 2009

Deadline: Saturday

A man who I can only assume is suffering from some form of insanity put his family's Rainbow playset on Craigslist for mere pocket change. We jumped on it, and now it sits in our driveway awaiting to be sanded, stained, and assembled. Oh, and there's also the whole part about prepping the area of the lawn where it will live which will involve reducing the size of our garden in half (which is very OK) and all of the rototilling and refencing that will entail. And it will be done by Saturday, because if I post it and commit to it then it will really happen...right? 5 days to go and we've already completed the sanding and will start the staining tonight. Off to a good start!


stephanie said...

Squeeeee!!!! Okay, now you know who to call for help right? Do you know the year and make? I bet Ash's playset is up before Moe's is finished. It's only been about 6 months now and his still isn't fully assembled. Cobbler's children.

Brian and Leah said...

Just imagine the disappointment on poor Owen's face if he shows up Saturday and it isn't finished! (JK - we will help finish it if necessary!) - B&L

Gamma! said...

Thanks for offering your help Brian and Leah! Randy helped assemble Ashton's cousins and it's hard work! Good luck on the timeline - you can do it! And I can't wait to see the pictures with satisfied smiles on Ashton & Owen's faces :)