May 22, 2009

Fav Foto Friday

The boy does love his sauce!I get to post this not-so-flattering picture today because Lord Two Year Old decided that screaming for nearly an hour and a half at bedtime last night was the best way to put himself to sleep. And it wasn't just high-pitched screaming, it sounded more like this: DADDY REEEEAD IIIIIT DADDY REEEAD MOUUUUUSE DADDY REEEADIT! Over, and over, and over again. Apparently reading once through his mouse book (Micky Mouse Clubhouse, he's obsessed) wasn't enough for him so he kept getting out of bed as soon as we'd shut the door, finding his mouse book, and would then bang it against the door while screaming the above sentence. We have a video baby monitor so we got to watch the whole scene as it played out (if I haven't already, I HIGHLY recommend the video monitors, especially for this phase where being able to see him is hugely convenient). And, despite our multiple attempts at walking him back to bed, letting him scream it out, being firm, being loving, and at one point actually removing the mouse book from the room (which I'm pretty sure is what tacked on the last half hour of ear piercing MOMMMMY DADDDDY MOMMMMY DADDDY) he demanded to fall asleep on his own terms, laying belly-down in front of his door at 9:44PM, approximately 90 minutes post-story time. At least he slept until almost 7:30...

The 3-day weekend is calling our names and there are 4 beautiful strong sets of hands assembling Ash's new playset in the yard. TGIF? Youbetcha.

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stephanie said...

I'm afraid of what's waiting for us in the months ahead. But it's nice to know we're in good company. Enjoy that playset!!