December 23, 2009

Down To The Wire

Everything this month has embraced that mantra. Projects for work, plans for celebrations, preparations for travels, projects at home, and even just the day-to-day seem to have only found successful completion at the very last possible moment. No complaining here though, as they all did eventually find successful completion, they all just came right down to the wire to do it. I dream of a day when everything that needs to be done is done a whole week or even a day in advance. But again, no complaints here, just maybe a slightly increased blood pressure and nervous twitch every now and then.

But the most fabulous of fabulous news is yet to come! News that in my industry about 99.999% of our clients absolutely shut down for the period between Christmas Eve and New Years, which if you've checked your calendar lately is TOMORROW, or if you're on most public school schedules starts at approximately 3PM TODAY! Sure there will be lingering projects and ongoing to-do's, but the bulk of the "this needs to be done by 9AM YESTERDAY" kind of projects will wrap sometime later this evening only to be resurrected in 2010 (when once again, they'll assume their down to the wire positioning). But for one glorious week, one relaxing sun-drenched sandcastle building week, the only thing that will come down to the wire will be whether the programmable coffee maker can figure out how to pour Baily's into my morning cuppa joe and somehow deliver it to the balcony for me. Oh holy sweetness.

So to everyone from us, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, a slightly belated Hanukkah, and three big cheers to a very Happy New Year!


Gamma! said...

And the merriest and brightest Chrulistmas celebration to you three as well! Love you lots - we'll be praying for safe travels from both NY and MPLS. Send some of that sunshine and warmth our way as we live through the Christmas blizzard of '09! Love, mom/gamma with many XX00's being sent your way!

Heather said...

Love the family picture! I love Ash's shoes even more!! Merry Christmas!