December 10, 2009

Shark Butt Pinchers

That was the incredibly creative name daddy applied to the little pinch he'd give to Ash's bottom if he tried to get out of his seat during dinner time. Not a real pinch, just a small nibble to persuade the tot to stay in his seat and finish his darn chicken. I think what he had in mind was a comical "look at my fingers in the shape of a shark mouth coming to bite your bottom, ha ha ha, look at my hand swimming around the kitchen just waiting to cutely bite the bottom of any little tot who tries to escape before finishing dinner!" When in reality this is what Ash heard, "there is a shark in the kitchen and he is going to bite my bottom and maybe even daddy's hands. YIKES!" And as you can imagine, he was quite freaked out. I happily played ZERO roll in the brilliant invention of the frightening shark butt pincher rather quickly stepped in to replace the word pinch with the word beep, and tried to make the slow yet steady transition from daddy's hands resembling a biting shark to something more along the lines of a silly beeping finger poke. It took a while, but Ash finally attempted to get out of his seat (very slowly, making sure that darn shark was nowhere to be seen) and spent the remainder of the night informing us that he had caught both the pinching shark and the beeping fingers and both were safely caged in his pockets.

The boy knows how to play the game. And, daddy may have learned a lesson or two about the literal minds of toddlers. Maybe this evening we'll just duct tape him to his chair until his belly is full.

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