December 6, 2009

Santa Fear No More

So apparently we're over the "Santa is scary don't you dare make me sit on that man's lap" phase. It might be the daily advent gifts from Grandma Santa, or possibly the consistent reminders from every media source everywhere that Santa = presents that turned his opinion of the man in red from frightening to really super cool, or maybe he just picked up a new affinity to the color red and big bushy beards, know knows. One thing is certain though, he officially and 100% digs Santa.

OK fine, I'll sit on his lap but you know I'm only doing this because I know that bag over there is filled with candy canes, right?

So about that candy cane...

What's that? You want to know what I want for Christmas? Well then I suppose I can spare a few more moments of my time. Hmmm, I'd like a Buzz Lightyear, Lightning McQueen, a visit to the Mickey Mouse Club House with Owen again and also I'd like it if Bret Favre would lead the Vikings to the playoffs only to throw 27 interceptions and be forced to retire for real and pick up golf, and then suck at it. And world peace.

Dude, are we about done?

Fine, I'll hug you, but you had better come through with that Favre request.

He even said "Merry Christmas Santa, I love you" after he got off Santa's lap. OK maybe it was more like "Merry I want a candy cane Christmas I want a candy cane Santa I want a candy cane I love you and I want a candy cane" but all the words were definitely there. The fear of Santa is definitely long gone and an Innocent candy cane filled belief in St Nick is solidly in place, hopefully for a long long time.

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