January 15, 2010

Chelsey Kivland FOUND!

The Consular Section of the US Embassy in Port Au Prince, Haiti sent an email to Chelsey's family and has reported that SHE'S OK! Several of the iReports state that she may be staying behind to help with the relief effort, but for now all that's certain is the most important part of the email that reads, "We found Chelsey Kivland. She wishes to say that she's OK." Below are links to the two articles reporting this absolutely wonderful news.

Northwest Herald | Prairie Grove woman alive in Haiti

Northwest Herald | Missing Prairie Grove woman sends message to family from Haiti

Thank you for the many positive thoughts and prayers sent her and her family's direction, and please continue to keep the people of Haiti on your mind and in your hearts.

Some ways to help:

~Text "Haiti" 90999 to give $10 to Red Cross Haitian efforts and have it automatically deducted from your phone bill
~Donate to Partners In Health (Dr. Paul Farmer): www.pih.org
~Donate through the Clinton Foundation

These are just a few legit organizations in need of money, CNN and various other sources are listing many more options for donating - choose one, two, give $10, $100, every bit helps.


Amanda said...

Thank goodness.

kristine said...

Oh i cannot tell you thank you so much for letting us know that!

I cannot imagine your relief.


Gamma! said...

Thank the Lord for His mercy! Now that's great news to start the weekend on!

Cloverland Farm said...


Chelsey said...

I can't explain why it's taken me so long to comment, except that I needed to see you first. There was something about just showing you I'm OK and knowing coffee and laughs could be had. Which is to say it was so nice to spend the afternoon with you and Mike and Ashton. I was so touched by your posts and still am. This experience has taught me so much, but most of all to love your friends and family more more more. Thanks for being such a good friend. You inspire me.