January 14, 2010

Haiti: Chelsey Kivland

See the full CNN iReport by clicking HERE.

I didn't post this yesterday because quite honestly I was hoping someone would have heard something from her or at least read something from someone who may have seen her by now. Fact is, neither of those has happened yet. And as discouraging as the numbers are, only approximately 200 of the 40-45,000 Americans living/working in Haiti have been accounted for, those numbers are also eerily hopeful. It means that "unaccounted for" simply means haven't found a way to BE accounted for just yet. It's amazing how silent the world can be when cell service and Internet connections are virtually nonexistent.

Chelsey Kivland has been living in Port Au Prince, Haiti for 2 years as a Fulbright scholar doctoral student studying foot bands (bann a pye). She speaks Creole and is a well known member of the community. She hasn't been heard from since the earthquake hit on Tuesday, though there's still much hope to be had that she's simply unable to find a means to make contact with her family and will eventually turn up, safe and sound. The CNN iReport linked to above was posted by her mother in IL. I can't even begin to contemplate what the past 2 days of her life have been like, truly unimaginable.

Chelsey and I co-taught a group of 4th graders during our summer "boot camp" with Teacher for America, and then went on to teach next door to each other for 2 years in the South Bronx. We taught the same group of children and were each others lifeline during those moments when we swore up and down that there was no way on Earth we could make it through another day of teaching. But we did, and she has gone on to continue to be amazing and will continue to be amazing.

I understand it's a long shot but needed to put her name out there via one more avenue on the off chance that somebody out there knows someone who might know someone who has seen or heard something. Or even if you just have an additional moment to send a hopeful thought or prayer in her direction, that would be great too. Additional pictures and info can be found via other CNN iReports HERE and HERE.

Much love to her, her family, and all of those still missing in Haiti.


Jill said...

Wow! Hoping and praying with you. I'm sure her focus is on helping those around her and she is attending to the injured. Hope she is able to communicate soon. I hope someone has seen her and can let everyone know that she is okay.

Cloverland Farm said...

sure hoping and praying she is heard from.

kristine said...

It takes days and days and days for everyone to be able to use a cell phone or any phone for that matter.

I wish you and her family whatever peace you can possibly muster while you wait.

thank you for telling me about her so that i can keep her in my prayers.

it helps to have a face and a name and remember that these are not numbers on a page these are people with family and friends.

love to you.

Jen said...

all of this is so difficult...I'm SO sorry no one has heard from Chelsey yet. she sounds like an amazing person. I may be there in a few days; if I am I will certainly keep my ears open for any news about her.

Gamma! said...

I've been praying for Chelsey all day Jo. And so good to hear from Jen, as I've already been praying for her, thinking she may be there or going to help. People like Chelsey and Jen are Gods hands and hope to these very dear people who have already and are enduring so much. It puts reality front and center when you know someone there so thanks for sharing Chelseys story so many can offer there prayers.mom

Erica said...

Recently reported - she's been found! http://www.nwherald.com/articles/2010/01/14/81555781/index.xml

Chris said...

I'm sure you've heard by now she's been found?!!

Chris said...

Here's the story:

Prairie Grove woman alive in Haiti

A Prairie Grove woman who was missing in Haiti after the earthquake is alive.

The family of Chelsey Kivland, 30, received an e-mail Thursday evening from the U.S. Embassy that said, "We found Chelsey Kivland. She wishes to say that she's OK."

"[I'm] ecstatic," said Jill Werderitch, the girlfriend of Kivland’s brother, Michael. "Greatest day ever. I'm so relieved."

Chelsey Kivland had been living in Port-au-Prince, about 10 miles east of where the 7.0-magnitude earthquake was centered. She is working on her doctoral dissertation in anthropology at the University of Chicago.

The Crystal Lake Central High School graduate had been in Haiti for more than two years.

– Northwest Herald