January 20, 2010

This Isn't Grey's Anatomy

For a very close up view into the ongoing medical struggles in Haiti I suggest taking a look at THIS BLOG, authored by a dear friend of mine who dropped everything and flew to Haiti after the earthquake to lend her very needed, much welcomed medically talented hands and heart. She lived in Port Au Prince in 2007 and 2008 while working as a volunteer pediatrician and had visited and served in the country multiple times in various ways in preceding years. I've found it hard to keep my breath while reading through her recent posts, the unimaginable coexistence of suffering and pain, hope and healing, utter disaster and selfless love. Sure, I've used my cell to text donations to organizations and I've tacked on donations to purchases at stores who are matching those donations and sending everything to aid the relief efforts, but reading about people who are giving in the truest form of the word, their time, their life, countless hours of their direly needed specialized talents, that is inspiring.

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Gamma! said...

Thanks for sharing honey! Now I can follow Jen's journeys and continue to pray for her knowing what she/they are doing for the Haitians, especially children.