April 30, 2010


7 flights in 11 days and we counted our blessings throughout them all that the toddler we toted along is quite clearly a born traveler. He walked, he soaked in the sights, he spoke Spanish, and he didn't complain when we told him we were getting on another flight to check in to another hotel in another new city. Quite the opposite. He questioned what kind of city we were going to (river, ocean, mountain, volcano, usually based on some sort of geography we used to introduce him to new places), and when we arrived proceed through his standard checklist of traveling to-do's:

Where's our hotel, which bed is mine, when can I put on my swimming suit, and what new food are you going to make me try before you'll finally let me have some ice cream?

The priorities of a 3 year old.

By the end of the trip we were all pretty wiped, but even still as we pulled into our driveway at 12:04AM the first thing he said when he perked up to the porch lights was, "MOMMY! But who's going to turn the volcano dragons into tomatoes at night?" Long story, but basically Quito, Ecuador has some mean dragons living in her volcanoes that Ash insisted on turning into tomato each night before bedtime. Don't worry though, we'd turn them back into dragons each morning. He's going to be the most fabulous of fabulous older brothers, his little sister has no idea how lucky she is. Hopefully she realizes it quickly though, and returns his stellar older brothering with favors of sleeping through the night and just generally high levels of sweetness. It's bound to either be that or they'll wind up ganging up on us in which case we're just plain 'ol screwed.

Grind: It's us, the McGregors. We're back. Please be kind.

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Rebecca said...

I have a feeling that the sweetness that is Ash can not help but carry over to your little girl.

I'm jealous of all your travel. Every time I read one of your posts about travel I tell Ben that I'm ready to take Eli on a trip! (Yet, we still haven't.) Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you guys :)