April 26, 2010


It was our original intent to begin raising Ash bilingual (English/Spanish) the day we arrived home in NY together nearly 2 years ago, but due to various lengthy excuses it never happened. Then last year we brought him to Spain and Costa Rica, and then began planning our trip to Ecuador, and just decided that it was just time to start, dig right in and at least make an effort begin using Spanish on a somewhat regular basis. Thanks to Dora and Diego he has had a bit of built in excitement around the venture. The plan (aka: fog off in the distance of what we can kind of make out as being semi-realistic yet completely subject to a plethora of changes) is to begin by incorporating as much Spanish into the trip to Ecuador as possible. So far, so good - he's a champ at winning over hearts in restaurants and taxis with his adorable hola, ciao, and gracias skills. Then we'll provide a slow'ish build up via books, music, and certain conversational regulars between now and the arrival of his little sis. And THEN. Then when the little sis who he has promised to love and cuddle and teach only adorable behaviors to and never argue with finally arrives... Mommy = Spanish, Daddy = English.

And I would be willing to put money on a bet that our first trip as a family of 4 is to somewhere non-Spanish speaking. Yeah.

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PC said...

Hola! I'll learn too!. Looks a lttle cool there but you all appear happy and relaxed. Can't wait to hear all about the trip...8 more days!! Kisses and hugs. Love Mom C

PS my word veification is laxedo, Ihope no one needs one :)