April 22, 2010


On a recent muddy hike through what Ash called "the turtle jungle" in the Galapagos we were able to pick, crack, and enjoy some of the local produce - delicious passionfruit. Our guide opened the first taste and quickly offered it to Ash, who somehow knew exactly what to do and without haste went about eating the yummy seeds inside. During a similar moment earlier in the week he was offered a taste of pulpo ceviche (octopus) and let's just say daddy might think twice before offering to share next time. It sometimes takes a bit of prodding to get Ash to try the first bite of a new treat, but we can usually talk him into at least tasting most things and then he often winds up requesting more. Or spitting it out. Or making a crazy twisted sour face and then spitting it out. But in both of the cases above the result was definitely a dominant MORE PLEASE!
The boy has a passion for all things new, and you could say we're pretty much loving it.


Katy said...

George! Is George the giant Galapagos tortise still there? I'm so happy you went and that I know the kinds of things you saw and did. I'm so happy for you and hope that it was as great as I imagine for you. I have been trying to re-create the ceviche (shrimp) that we had there, for 10 years. And I can't. But I remember it like yesterday because it was so amazing. I'm with Ash. More please!

Carol McG said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us travel deprived people. Your blogs always give us a lot of the news but with a very personal touch. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!