May 17, 2010

The Lighthouse

We hang out with a local adoption play group that this weekend lured us to a little hidden gem on the Hudson River, the Saugerties Lighthouse. A quick drive, beautiful short hike complete with plenty of small wooden bridges for Ash to conjure up stories of Ecuadorian crabs living underneath and dragons living beside, and we arrived to Ash's version of paradise: Anywhere with ample sun, sand, and water that makes it feasible to turn said sand and water into gigantic mud puddles fit for jumping, rolling, and just general frolicking. He was less than enthusiastic when it came time to leave, however the near instantaneous 2.5 hour nap that followed was enough proof for me that he had clearly enjoyed himself.

About 30 weeks down and 10 to go until Baby Helena's arrival, which is just a couple weeks shy of the amount of time between when we received our referral for Ashton and were finally able to squish his cheeks in person (12 weeks). So, I'm finding myself right back in that referral-to-travel mentality (which I know has changed A LOT in the world of IA since we traveled given the new estimated timelines from referral to court to travel, so I understand this may be very specific to our experiences), and that's just where my head seems to be. We know she's in there and we know it will just be a matter of time until mom can finally indulge in sushi and champagne the loveliness that's sure to come with mothering siblings, we're just ready. Yesterday.


PC said...

Too early. Remind me to tell you the "too early" story sometime. But you wish is clearly "too early". Love PC

Gamma! said...

What a great mud pot! Can imagine Ash and his friends thought they had quite the find. It came complete with showers...right? :)