May 24, 2010

Summer Rhythm

We live in a region surrounded by various colleges and universities so this time of year always begs to launch us into a summer state of mind a slight bit on the early side. While the locals go from study bound uni students to wandering rock climbing hippies, we in Toddler - Grade 12 land are stuck in "last month of school" syndrome until the end of June. That wont stop us from making sure we can hit the ground running once "summer" officially applies to us though, we just have an extra month to get ready for it.

IT for us this summer =

*Ash is starting a new school, which means participation in their rockin' summer program. He's already had a chance to meet some of the children and explore his new digs during an observation visit, and although he is going to MISS with a capital M-I-S-S his old school, the new situation as it's worked out is really just meant to be. Details another time.
*We're looking for somewhere within driving distance (3-5 hours max) to spend some time at the beach over the 4th of July holiday. Rhode Island has been suggested, though we've never explored the area so are starting at square #1 for where to stay, etc. Anyone out there have opinions on fabulous beachfront hotel/condo/rental units in the New England area?
*Helena is going to eventually arrive. Really, she is, my doctor told me so. She's not going to take up permanent residence in my uterus though some mornings I contemplate how I would word a rental agreement. "Right on time" would be anywhere between July 27th and August 4th though my bet's on a Friday, July 30th water break around 4:30PM and first breath of non-mommy filtered oxygen around 7:30PM. You know, so we have time to grab sushi before heading home.
*Ash has a few weeks of no school in between the summer and fall programs at his school, which conveniently fall right around the time we'll (hopefully) be settling into somewhat of a routine as a family of 4, and is also when we'll be welcoming the grandparents for their first visits to meet the expanded clan. August is guaranteed to be a full, happy, exhausting, love-filled month.
*September. Ash starts his new preschool program. October/November. I go back to work and Helena starts daycare at a program right across the parking lot from Ash. Wait, did I just write November? I thought this was supposed to be about our summer plans... It's not even June yet... Why on Earth am I thinking about November...

Why? Because it's going to be here before I know it, for sure. And that, my friends, is what occupies my mind at 3AM these days. There seems to be a rhythm in the above plan somewhere right?

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kristine said...

It all sounds truly lovely.

My sons god mother had 'slight' pangs went to the hospital, looked so calm they didn't want to admit. She had her baby less than an hour after arriving at the hospital. While they didn't go out to dinner she did have what she called a 'relaxing' evening together.