May 20, 2010

Milk And Donuts

In between the daily routines of work, play, travel, and rest we get to squeeze in the occasional mom/dad night out at such events as "Breastfeeding 101" offered by our hospital. There's nothing quite like following up a day on the NJ Turnpike for mom or producing 8 straight days in a row of shooting for dad than a night chalk-full of talk about inverted nipples and nighttime milk leakage. At least there were cookies. I especially liked the part where the instructors informed us that we could all cheer for the fact that once we have the baby and start breastfeeding we can go back to enjoying the occasional glass of wine! HOORAY!!! Hmmm...

A couple hours of boob talk later exhaustion had officially set in and the only place that sounded appetizing was a local wine and tapas bar, where I clearly ordered sparkling water with a lime to go along with my honey glazed duck and curried muscles. Clearly.

And then we all slept soundly until the 6:00AM sunshine popped us up like toast to 70's and sunny and a special request to take a walk to the corner bodega for donuts. I swear there was an order of asparagus and the recommended daily fruit and grain dose worked into those 12 hours somewhere.

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