September 13, 2010

Back To School

Today marked our first day back to the closest version of "normal" we've been in nearly 3 months. Ash returned to school (first day of preschool!), Leni's babysitter arrived to take over the baby routine, and mom and dad left, and I mean really LEFT for work. Ever since Leni's birth Ash was either on a modified summer day schedule for school or on vacation from it entirely and we'd been juggling the Ash/baby routine between the two of us and some VERY appreciated family and friends. Without their help we would have surely found ourselves completely looped. THANK YOU. But today, tomorrow and most definitely Wednesday when mommy hits the road and will be out of earshot of the babe for an entire day for the first time ever, there will be no juggling involved. From here on out we've got a schedule back, and for better or worse it seems to suit us.


Gamma! said...

Horray for schedules! Ash looks so happy - so do mommy and daddy! Make like a hedgehog and haev a great day! Let's skype so I can hear all about Ash's first day at school!

PC said...

You all look really happy! I hope today went well, am anxious to hear...I am in Omaha till Thursday...Love MC

los cazadores said...

Congratulations, Momma. I know I'm probably late, but your babes are breathtaking, both so full of beauty. Love the photos.