September 21, 2010

If They'd Just Stop Falling

Dang acorns. Our office/studio is conveniently located directly underneath a giant oak tree that drops equally giant acorns onto the roof of the office sending them bouncing into the yard, sometimes hitting the roofs of the cars first before inevitably settling right in the foot path between the house and the office making it impossible to go between them without shoes on. If they'd just stop falling life would be so much better. Squirrels would have an easier time locating their precious food and I wouldn't have inch-deep pits on the bottoms of my feet from walking around barefoot.

Huh. When the only improvement to life you can think of is removal of the falling acorns in the yard you know you've got it good.


Carol McG said...

We have a problem like that at work although it's birds leaving their uh droppings on cars. Somehow it's my fault because I keep the bird feeders full. I think they must eat at one site and fly 15 feet away to do their business in another tree? Silly me, not training the birds to meet their needs in the same place. I'd still take birds over acorns any day, though.

Gamma! said...

Amen - well said by both Jolene and Carol! It's going to be a GREAT day!