November 26, 2010


We train'd, we subway'd, we Brooklyn'd. We lunched. We Radio City'd. We Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon'd then we diced, chopped, and wrapped things in bacon then we cooked cooked cooked. And we ate ate ate. There was wine, there was bacon. There were people singing, playing, and dancing to We All Live In A Yellow Submarine - again and again and again. It was so very happy. Then we ate apple cake for breakfast, prepped a days worth of bacon snacks, and set off to cut down this year's Christmas tree. Twas truly a Thanksgiving to give thanks.


PC said...


Christine said...

Holy cow, you guys did not play around! I got a free turkey in the freezer along with some bacon wanting to be used so beautifully and deliciously. Your tree is gorgeous. Maybe we can meet up before Christmas comes around? Hope so!

Katy said...

Woah. What an awesome looking Thanksgiving!