October 26, 2008


When asked by friends "how are things going" I tend to give a fairly transparent here's-how-it-is response. I've never been one to guard myself, rather I really respect just being able to lay it out there about how it really is. So, when the question comes along "hows it going?" I say: Beautifully. It sounds boring, but honestly I feel like we've reached a moment of normalcy. And now that I've written that publicly on the internet it's almost certain to come back to bite me. How DARE I assume we're in a PATTERN! But honestly, we've been home 4 1/2 months and it really truly and honestly feels...normal. And so so so so beautiful.

So, without further adieu, here is the most "normal" of "normal" and BEAUTIFUL of BEAUTIFUL of BFF pics, staring none other than Ash and his new Dude:

You honestly want me to smell EVERY flower on the block???

OK, you smell flowers - you must be OK.

The amazing duo solemnly swear to be best buds, forever

What do BFF's do over lunch? Mack-out, of course...here's how it is ladies.

It used to be J-J-J-J-Jenny on the block, but these days its O to the A to the O/A on the block sweet things... we're where it's at in the NYC.

A long day of being adorable can only end one way - Dr. Seuss and juice. Word to my sippy cup.


Amanda said...

Adorable. The last photo is my favorite-Ash with his hand in his mouth, friend staring at the camera...
Dr. Seuss laying on the tray.

What more could you need besides a drink, a good book and a friend?
That's all of life-right there.

Barbara said...

Time flies. Great pics!

Brooke said...

How darling, already a BFF. I'm glad things are seeming to be normal. We are on the rode to "normal", I feel it just around the corner.