October 6, 2008

A Week In Pics

It smells delicious outside! Days like today make me want to quit my job and search the help wanted adds for "seeking professional apple cider doughnut taster" positions. I love fall. I really really love fall, and leaves, and pumpkins, and frosty air, and everything that is the wonderfulness that is Fall. We leave for Estes Park, CO on Saturday and I CAN'T WAIT to be back in the mountains and introduce Ash to such inspiring landscapes. (And being on our first official family vacation as a family of 3 is pretty exciting too!)


Meg DeZutti said...

Mike & Jo -- I do not think a cuter smile exists on the planet than Ash's. I do not think happier parents exist than you right now.
Wishing you an amazing time in CO! take pictures for all of us.

Amanda said...

The last picture is a beautiful one! :)

I love fall too. Thanks for rubbing it in :-P

Jodi said...

What a little ham! He sure looks like he is lovin' life.

Misty said...

I love the pics too. ESTES PARK!!! So awesome! I LOVE Estes Park. Man, I wish we could zip down there and crash your vacation! Have an incredible and Peaceful time! Thanks for your comments too. Yes, you're right. I am definitely getting anxious...finally!!

Annie said...

simply delightful!

have a wonderful time in CO...went for the first time a year ago and fell madly in love with the beauty there.

Janelle said...

Have a blast in CO!!! We can't wait to see you guys!!!

Start prepping yourself now for some serious Pine Tree Apple Orchard fun!!!

stephanie said...

What a lovely job that would be. I share your fondess of fall and wish it would hurry up and get here in the dirty south.

Fab photos!