October 28, 2008


Tonight we enjoyed a special dessert thanks to Ashton's fan club (his grandmas) - a Halloween cookie and a Halloween book! He didn't even see it coming and then all of a sudden we were clearing the table after dinner and he had a delicious cookie and a cool new book on his highchair - he's definitely sharing this fabulous story with all of his daycare buds tomorrow. Way to go Grandmas, thank you!

In other dessert news, Ashton will be attending his first art opening on Thursday. For the first time in over 7 years it will be HIS wardrobe and HIS shoes that I fuss over instead of my own. Definitely a good dessert realization. After all, it is him that people notice now days...they expect me to look disheveled and slightly crazed. Yeah! The pressure is off! He looks gorgeous in pretty much anything we dress him in so I'm really digging the new change of focus - I get to relax a bit about my own attire and ride on the heels of my adorable son. An unexpected yet appreciated perk that I'm totally going to run with. I'm thinking pajama bottoms and slippers should be suitable. The only potential negative is that I may no longer posses the ability to blame new shoe purchases on social event requirements... may need to think that one through a bit more.

In any case, cheers to dessert tonight!


stephanie said...

I couldn't relate to you any more. I see clothes that I want to buy and then ask myself, for what?

I would like to see photos of the lil' man in his finery.

Anonymous said...

Oh me oh my, don't worry they make fun casual flat shoes too! (Did i really say that) Glad he enjoyed! Love Mom C

PS Just figured out how to read the new site, duh! Too much blonde in the dye last time :)