October 15, 2008

Winding Down

We're winding down on the Colorado portion of our vacation and will soon be in the air on our way to Minnesota. Ash can't wait to share all of his new discoveries with his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We've had loads of fun exploring these past few days, here's just a snippet.

We took a stroll down Pearl Street in Boulder where Ash took a liking to one of the street performers. He loved the pedestrian mall where he could run back and forth side to side listening to locals playing music, but he liked the piano player best.

Is there a better way to rock out to music on the sidewalk than on a rocking pig? Seriously, he pulled himself up and began to rock out to the piano music. So freaking adorable.

Ash and dad have gotten up every morning this week to fish in the river outside of our cabin.

Dad, son, and fish.

They finally opened the pass over the continental divide from Estes Park to Grand Lake so today we took a drive. We stopped a few times to hike to a lake or a peak or a river, had a fantastic lunch in Grand Lake (honestly, the best fried chicken ever, and then a fabulous cappuccino to boot!) and then headed back to our now familiar little cabin on the river for our last night in CO.

Sometimes you're just SO TIRED from a day of exploring it's necessary to fall asleep in your car seat, half chewed rice cake in your mouth and lazily grasped Nalgene sippy cup in hand. Barely...


Anonymous said...

How much better can it get? The girls will love the picture of him asleep in the car seat. Looking forward to this afternoon. Grandma C

Jodi said...

The falling asleep with food in the mouth is just too funny. Love it!

Annie said...

Pearl Street...I've been there, too. I loved it there (Boulder). looks like you have had a wonderful vacation. What a tired boy! Hopefully the flight home he'll doze off too ;)

Los Cazadores said...

That last picture is such a jewel - so adorable. Plus, that's a great one to show to his future fiancee. :)


DawnKane said...

YEAH PEARL STREET! I love that pig, it has to be 100 years old by now. Seriously, next time you are in the 303 you had better get in touch
Dawn and Kane