January 3, 2009

Who Would've Thought It

I've thought multiple times over the past two weeks, "hey, I should put together a Christmas post or a New Years post or a year in reflection post"... only I never actually acted on any of those thoughts and now it's January 3rd and I may as well be thinking ahead to Valentines Day. I'm absolutely dumbfounded by how quickly the year 2008 came and went, and surprisingly after two weeks away from work celebrating with friends and family I'm not exactly itching to get back to the daily routine. Seriously, this is surprising because I'm always ready to get back to routine. I love vacations, I adored the twelve weeks I had at home with Ashton over the summer, I do enjoy the occasional break from the routine. But, I'm always ready to get back to it, accept for this time.

Ashton is at a stage where he changes so much every day and I've been glued to him for two weeks awaiting whatever amazing action he's going to marvel me with next. I don't want to drop him off at daycare on Monday morning and miss those things, I want to be on the play mat or in the kitchen or at the swimming pool soaking up every single minute of his growth. I'm pretty sure he's more than ready to get back to school and be rid of the crazy woman constantly staring at him all day long though... For his sake and more than likely the sake of my long term sanity I'm going to pull on my big girl pants and rejoin the race bright and early Monday morning, but until then I reserve the right to pout - just a little bit.

So, cheers to a healthy happy new year and constantly learning new things about myself. And cheers to the new Putumayo CD we turned on for bedtime tonight that my son is currently sitting up in his crib and clapping to. Maybe we should stick to lullabies.

New year, new hat.

Happy new year from the cat.


los cazadores said...

Happy 2009 to you guys and precious Ashton!


Barbara said...

I totally relate. They do grow when you're not watching you know. Have a great 2009!