October 29, 2009

#1 Way To Avoid Halloween Weight Gain

I'm having two wisdom teeth pulled this week. One on each side. Both impacted, one significantly embedded into my jaw so will require some sawing to remove. While I'm awake, watching. Well, not so much watching I suppose as completely paralyzed trying to count the stars on the ceiling in an attempt to take my mind off of the man digging in my gums. Talk about a 100% fool-proof way to guarantee ZERO weight gain over Halloween. And with that, I leave you with these significantly more tolerable images to imprint on your brain and replace the one of the man with the saw in my mouth. You're welcome.


Amanda and Co. said...

Jo, who is this little boy whose pictures you keep posting? What happened to your baby?!

It's insane how quickly he's growing. Tell him to stop. STOP!

Sam's mom said...

Possibly the cutest hat ever. Oh, and the little boy wearing it is pretty fabulous as well!

courtney rose said...

POOR JO!!!! I hope they have some mighty good earphones for you to wear during the procedure. And then some mighty good drugs for after.


PC said...

I suggest anesthesia and tequila. I'd do the tequila before the anestehsia though....love P