October 3, 2009

Mommy Told Me There Are Angels

The kind that fly and smile and swing and live

And protect

And enjoy

And chase

And trust

And love

And smile

And "get"

And BE


A family of angels


courtney rose said...

Green. With envy.

Beautiful pictures, SO Wish we could have been there with you all.

polkadots4life said...

I know Tsegay and Amlaz but who are the other 2 people???

PC said...

What a great series. I can't imagine any of you being more happy you are right now! Love Mom C

PS Loved the conversation with Ash. Is he too young for me to get him his own cell phone, with me programmed as #1 speed dial? :)

Jo said...

The other two are the owner of the Ethiopian restaurant where we held the luncheon for CHI families and her staff member who was the server for the afternoon. Both BEAUTIFUL people, really went out of their way to make the afternoon a joy for all.

kristine said...

what lovely lovely photos!

which ethiopian restaurant is it?
in nyc?
i have yet to go to one - i'm wondering where to start

Carol McG said...

Love his hair. He looks so sweet (not that he doesn't anyway) but definitely a great new do. Everyone looks so happy in all of the pictures; definitely a Monday day brightener!

Jodi said...

So great to see pictures of Tsegey and Almaz. They look great! Wish I could have been there.