October 12, 2009

The Fancy Dance

We're a family deeply deprived of a sunshine filled summer so in our very logic filled minds booked a trip to head south in search of all things Mickey. Sure we may have had our fall jackets on while in transit, but rest assured all layers were off the moment we felt the (absolutely normal for this time of year...) love of Florida's warm October sun. One airplane closer to the fancy dance.

But there were things to do and people to see! And most importantly, bad camera phone shots of Ash's first encounter with Goofy. I swear this one is included solely for the purpose of documenting the fact that the moment actually happened. Ash kissed Goofy's nose and we knew right then and there that we were in one of those "good spots" in life where everything just seems to roll in the right direction. One Goofy closer to the fancy dance.

And then the cherry on top arrived. The kind that completes a strawberry sundae like no other.

And then it was time for fancy dance #1. One Mommy & Daddy took both boys so that the other Mommy & Daddy could go out for the night to fancy dance. PJ Party #1 was in full session, and amazingly enough, everyone was bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning to go meet THE Mouse. In fact, if I recall correctly someone may have gotten just a bit TOO excited after the 45 minute wait when he met the mouse and left his very own DNA fingerprint on the Mouse House upon exit...or maybe it was on his daddy's shirt, but, does it really matter when we're talking about a boy actually peeing his pants out of sheer excitement for meeting THE mouse? I don't think so.

And then we waited approximately 5 seconds to meet the REAL Mickey & Minnie.

And then there was this magic carpet ride where fancy dance #2 kept creeping it's way into the conversation. All Ash knew was that this meant another PJ party with his BFF so he pretty much encouraged any mention of the fancy dance from that point forward.

And then just as we were ready to enter the Pirates of the Caribbean ride they decided it was time for a juice break. The kind that leads into the (completely age appropriate) rum-soaked and skeletons ride and right on into mommy daddy fancy dance #2 ((both boys are now pros at singing and dancing to the tune of "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum") .

And thus the next round of fancy dancing and PJ partying began. The next Mommy & Daddy went out for their night of fancy dancing while the other Mommy & Daddy had PJ party #2 with the boys. Yes, you're reading this correctly. We planned an entire vacation around multiple nights of free babysitting and Mommy & Daddy fancy dancing. And for those of your who don't get the "fancy dance" reference, well, you just don't watch enough of the Mickey Mouse Club House.

Let's just say all evenings of fancy dancing and all days of Mickey Mouse'ing (and 95 and sunny weather) have been about as good as it gets.

If only this wasn't the weather awaiting us for the second half of our trip... may the Mouse Gods be with us and shed some sunshine goodness on MN soon. VERY soon! (Pretty please?)


Shannon- said...

Good for you! Get out of the cold north. We had a full month of rain in June and even more in July. Enjoy it extra for the rest of us!

losiloni said...

Love this update. I remember Leigh's first meeting with Mickey... it's one of those happy place moments that I am so happy to have captured completely on film.

I don't envy the cold waiting for you in the second half of your trip, but at least you'll be with family :)

Brooke said...

How fun!!!! Love the pic of the boys sunbathing. So cute.

PC said...

Nice sunburn Jo, I'm jealous!! Also cute kid pics, but you already know that. Say Hi to Owen's Mom and Dad. Can't wait to see you. Love Pat

Gamma! said...

Just bottle up some of that sunshine and bring it with you! I predict a fabulous memory making MINUTE trip - we'll just make our own sunshine. Can't wait!

Gamma! said...

Make that MINNESOTA trip! Texting is NOT how I make my money :)