October 26, 2009


I sincerely thank you for your comments on the last post, they are very appreciated. Both of us completely expected to have frustrating moments (days, weeks...) with the whole parenting thing, but we weren't at all prepared for the exact opposite to be true. The parenting thing is not without it's challenges, but it's the marriage thing that's been the real sticker. We'll happily bound out of bed to answer the calls of mommy and daddy in the middle of the night, spend an entire evening on the floor building trains with multiple hills even though we know he's going to knock them down every 6 seconds, and coat ourselves in mosquito repellent to appease the tot's 7PM craving to play in the sandbox. But, once the tots in bed...to each his own corner to be buried in the Internet, work, TV, or any number of things that don't equate to each other.

But, there will be progress. Even if it's in the form of bringing coffee to bed in the morning, or preparing a special meal in the evening, or even something as simple as a short text message to check in and make sure the other hasn't completely collapsed under the stress of a given day. Sometimes just maintaining the status quo counts as making progress.

Tonight will be Ash's second attempt at scaling the walls of our local climbing gym. There's sure to be progress there...

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kristine said...

i tried to comment on 'doing' but it didn't go through.
you've got the idea. there's ebb and flows, very much like nature - counted in years, days - weeks - months. in a forty year marriage, this is just one, very short, insanely short period.
Q is 7 now and it's so so so much easier to bring the focus on our marriage back into the loop.

btw - i think wearing city shoes and sipping wine with girlfriends is very important for marriage - so that was 'doing' in my opinion.

on another note - there is a gathering 'hudson valley ET crew'. along with our family there are three other families in our town in the early to already referred stage and we're going to plan a get together in November. Let me know if you're interested - it would be great to get together.