October 4, 2009


Post #500, it should be something killer good right? Well, I'm currently working on a batch of popcorn sprinkled with truffle salt (aka: legal crack) and reflecting on a long weekend hosting family from Addis Ababa so a killer good post may just need to be queued in the lineup of "negotiate lower interest rate for mortgage" and "make sure towels get washed before they smell moldy" and "the child needs a breakfast that doesn't include the words double-tall non-fat pumpkin spiced latte".


Our heads are exploding. Ash moved into the preschool room, Daddy has multi-week gigs on the books, and Mommy...well, Mommy is just going bald making sure that whatever needs to happen actually happens while somehow maintaining the whole idea of "sense of self" which I'll admit, is currently resting soundly in the VERY back seat. But did I mention we're going to Disney World on Friday?


Ash, his best friend (Owen, duh), and the mommies and the daddies. And my only task is to make sure that I can turn on an auto-reply by Friday that screams "I'm so happy you emailed me, but I'll be completely unreachable for the next week so please do yourself a favor and email someone else". T-minus 5 days and we'll be in a very happy place. THE happy place.

Cheers. Honestly.


Cloverland Farm said...

such great posts lately...have so much fun in FL! Let's meet up somewhere when you get back (and have time).

Jill said...

THE happiest place on earth! I love Disney! Have a good time and just have fun!!

courtney rose said...

Double-tall non-fat pumpkin spiced latte. Ummmm.....