June 16, 2010


At 34 weeks its apparently difficult to get a good profile image (she's just occupying too much space at this point) so instead the ultrasound tech sent me home with a view of her heart and heart rate monitor beating steadily at 140 beats per minute. It may not be a profile shot but it's still pretty cool.

At 3 years old it's apparently impossible to tame the energy that comes along with being a very active toddler, so instead we're lacing up our running sneaks and just giving our hearts more exercise, of both the physical and mental nature. Yes, my heart has it's very own mental health pattern. Lazy mornings and evenings may mostly be a thing of the past, but our days pretty much couldn't get any cooler.

At 9 years (today!) it's apparently ridiculously easy to remind ourselves exactly why we walked down the aisle and vowed to love till death do us part. Because we wouldn't be exactly where we are right now if we hadn't. Cheers to 9 years of marriage and 2 heartbeats that have managed to stay in sync just enough to call the last 9 years pretty freaking fabulously cool.


Gamma! said...

Happy Anniversary! Here's to another year ahead of fabulous memory making experiences, along with another miracle that will make your hearts swell with pride! Think I'll grab myself a cup of coffee, take a look through your wedding album and allow myself time to reminice a little about a very beautiful and happy day. Love you all so much! mom

Carol McG said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! It seems like not so long ago when we were on that swell trip to Montana that happened because of your wedding. Your mom's blog brought a thought to mind; maybe instead of going to Ethiopia and "getting" Ashton you were given an opportunity to travel to Ethiopia and begin experiencing the miracle in your life that is Ashton. Anyway, have a great 9th anniversary and many many more fabulous years to celebrate in the future! Love, Carol

Mary said...

Congrats on all fronts!

julie said...

Happy Anniversary Jo and Mike, love you both SO much!!