June 27, 2010

This Doesn't Count...

As going home. I'm being discharged from the hospital today which is a good thing, but Leni is going to remain in the NICU which is a really really crappy thing. I know she's being extraordinarily well taken care of. I know that the stronger she is when she comes home the better everything else will be. I know this is what she needs, and I want it for her and am so grateful that we have access to such amazing care. But it doesn't make walking out of the hospital without your baby any less crappy. I may be heading to my own bed for the first time in a week, but it most certainly does not count as going home until she's there too.

Some really good things:
She exceeded all of her feedings between last night and this morning.
Her bilirubin levels are going in the right direction, and last night they took out out from under the photo therapy lights and put her back into a regular crib.
She's opening her eyes much more frequently, and overall seems to be much more aware.
The doctors are playing it day-by-day, so each new day brings another chance that she'll be ready to come home.
Wait, did you hear that one? Just in case...
MY MOM IS HERE. A really, really really really good thing.


kristine said...

What a difficult mommy moment. I'm sorry she's not going to be with you today/tonight but so very happy she's getting the care.

Hoping she's home very very very soon!

Annie said...

Jo, so so sorry :(

my sister had her second child 7 weeks early...just about the same size as Leni..and he, too, stayed longer in the hospital...it was 1 week...hope she is home very very soon. glad your mom is there :)

PC said...

I can't even imagine....praying for the best!! Love Mom C

PS Great view from your room, soothing

Shannon- said...

OMGWASH! I check out for a few days and everyone goes into labor!! Congratulations! This is amazing. My Godson was born at 27 weeks 22 years ago!! Medicine has progressed so far since then. Corey is perfect.. truely.. he'll be the first to tell you. There were many ups and downs and scary times but do not NOT NOT NOT worry. IF you need to hear a good story about how these things turn out let me know. gon_hikn93 at yahoo

HUGS to everyone!

Sandi said...

Hope she is ready to go soon. So glad your Mom is there. Can't wait to read the update that she is home.