June 25, 2010

Keeping Busy

What to do with a 3 year old in a hospital room? Let his imagination run wild as he ties Daddy's shoe laces to the feet of a wheelchair, calls himself Tractor Mac and proceeds to act out the scene in Cars where Mac falls asleep on the road while hauling Lightning McQueen to California. Seriously, complete with snoring sounds and the occasional glance at Mommy to say "Don't worry mama, I'm just kidding you!" Imaginations rock.


Gamma! said...

With Ash there's always fun to be had! Get those trains and trucks ready Ash - I need you to spark my imagination! See you tomorrow!

julie said...

I love a child's imagination! Ash is so creative - looks like he's having a blast there! Brad & I will have to watch that with him when you come, we LOVE that movie!!!