July 12, 2010

3 Weeks Later

I must admit that 3 weeks ago had you told me this picture would be reality 3 weeks later I would have cheers'd to your unmistakable case of the crazies. Yet here we are, 3 weeks later and it's July 2010 and we grew by +1 LAST MONTH and LAST MONTH we became a family of 4 and it's summer 2010 and we have an 18 day old daughter and it happened LAST MONTH. My grasp on reality is quite obviously having a bit of a challenge keeping up with the events of LAST MONTH. None of this was supposed to happen until August yet June came along and decided to kick August's ass, and quite frankly did one hell of a job. So, please forgive me if I seem to regard the above picture as more of a projection than reflection, my mind doesn't seem to take to being catapulted into the future quite as well as my uterus.

So, where are we now that it's 3 weeks later?

Ash is an amazing older brother. He is (understandably) attention seeking and is (understandably) pushing every limit he can wrap his willful little hands around. He also asks to kiss his baby sister at least twice an hour and continues to amaze us with new talents every single day like memorizing the words to new songs after hearing them only once, swimming on his own in the pool at school, and hosting the most incredible imaginary play sessions.

Leni is an amazing little sister. She is (understandably) working on things like digestion and (understandably) prefers to eat every 1 1/2 to 3 hours. She also fixates more on her big brother than any other person and continues to amaze us with new bits of her powerful personality that are constantly popping through her gentile exterior.

We are making it as parents. We (understandably) continue to question absolutely everything we do and (understandably) have managed to neglect absolutely everything else from the cats to the laundry to those poor plants that haven't been watered in, well, about 3 weeks. We also love our kids more than ever thought possible and continue to be amazed by how life really does seem to just keep getting better.

I know, I know, growing a family isn't anything new and zillions of people have done it before us and this just isn't all that exciting to the rest of the world. But it is to us. Crazy ridiculously enormously exciting. And exhausting. And extraordinary. Except for the part where we have to keep track of the baby's pooping/peeing frequency. That part is a bit stressful and kind of sucks. Oh, and the part where the toddler needs to be reminded for the one hundred thousandth time not to launch one of his one million Lightning McQueen cars off of his homemade mega-jump in the direction of his sister. That part kind of sucks too. Oh yeah, and that one morning when we ran out of coffee after having been awake on the hour every hour from midnight to 5AM, and then up permanently at 6:15AM. That one sucked A LOT. But then we went to the grocery store and bought a lifetime supply of coffee beans to make sure it never happens again and low and behold life returned to being pretty much awesome. Until Lightning McQueen came flying across the room and landed in my coffee. Awesome minus one, still pretty good.


Sam's mom said...

perfection. Simply unadulterated perfection.
Perfect family photo. Perfect little girl. Perfect big boy. Perfectly fantastic parents.
You aren't a good parent unless you feel you are really screwing everything up. Just put a few pennies in that therapy jar...and it'll all be alright.
Of course, I am only parent to 1, so I am talking out of my arse...but I have faith you and Mike will do just fine. More than fine. Just perfect.

Bonny said...

Seriously, amazingly, beautiful. (Belated) congratulations!

Carol McG said...

Could you guys just cheer up a little; honestly what a depressed looking group you are. Just kidding, there is a glow about all of you (Leni would be if she were awake but it looks like she is waving to us). Just another exquisite picture that you've shared with all of us. Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

I am SO happy for you guys. Incredible stuff (beautiful family!)!!