July 27, 2010

Now That THAT'S Over

Because it's clearly over right? The whole phase-changing life gets flipped right on top of itself thing that whispers softly in your ear "you're doing a great job and it's all coming together" only to grab your ponytail and dunk you face first in to the toilet for a good 'ol fashioned swirly mere moments later. Over. Yeah.

Well it may not be over, but some good news is that our pediatrician is still claiming that I'm doing a decent job. Ash (AKA Master of the Universe) seems to be potty trained and Leni (AKA I'll sleep whenever the hell I want thankyouverymuch even if that doesn't include the hours of 10PM-3AM) is growing like a weed. She even officially made it on to the newborn growth chart today weighing in at 6lbs 14oz. Not bad seeing as she's still supposed to be inside me for another 8 days. Sure, it's been a while since I've shaved my legs or played any sort of active role in an adult conversation, but I have mastered the art of the "I'm a sincere listener" head nod and ability to keep eyes open just long enough for the other participants to assume I'm totally engaged. Totally. And did you read the first part of the paragraph? The doc said I was doing a DECENT job! Champagne toast at my house!

So anyhow.

The plan was for me to be hyper productive during my maternity leave and do things like clean out / organize / rearrange the play room, actually keep up with the mail (you laugh, but have you ever seen the inside of a self employed photographer's mailbox?), and maybe even clean out the XYZ (insert pretty much anything as it's been AGES since we've cleaned out... anything). So far my accomplishments include:

*Both children are fed and dressed by 8:15AM
*Both children are in their PJ's and read to by 9:00PM (don't let this fool you, there's plenty more fun to be had with Ms Sleeps When She Wants To during our nightly afterparties)

Not bad if you ask me. Those other things on that other list will still be there tomorrow...


Gamma! said...

Thanks honey :)
And now for the quote of the day:
"Roll with the punches . . . tomorrow is another day." Dicky Fox, the original sports agent (from the film Jerry McGuire"
Have a great day! And by the way...I up the doc and say you're doing GREAT! :)

Autumn and Dan's family said...

I love these posts...so honest. I think I need to write one of these behind the scenes/honest blog posts. The one that includes the children not being bathed for a week and a half and the pile of 5 loads of wash on our Family Room couch.

Carol McG said...

If everyone has their basic needs met on a daily basis (the kids that is) you're doing great. Now yours on the other hand may have to wait till little miss stays up all night gets into a regular pattern. The organizing around the house and extras; they're just like playing the bonus round. The real game is those two adorable children that keep you hopping!
Love, Carol

Jennifer said...

HA!! Silly Jolene....a hyper-productive maternity leave......HA. Don't you know that "We Plan. God Laughs!" Enjoy the time with the family. You all look great, and I'm sure you are doing an amazing job!

Lots of love to you all!