July 6, 2010


This post deserves so much more than I'm about to write and hit Publish on. C'est la vie. The last 2+ weeks for Ashton have included mommy being in the hospital for 1 week then showing up with his baby sister in tow shortly thereafter, plus daddy going on back-to-back multi-day work trips, plus starting a new school, plus a handful of other smaller yet significant when lumped together bits and pieces. And he's handled it all with an amazing style that only he could manage to pull off. We're so proud of him. Sure, he's had his moments. But he's only asked to put his sister in the garbage can once and the rest of the time asks if he can kiss her which is followed by the most adorable smooch on the forehead from a brother to his sister that you've ever seen EVER. So cute in fact that each time it happens I'm rendered completely useless by the cuteness of it all so have yet to catch the moment on camera.

Have there been time outs? Lots. But they're getting fewer and farther in between. Does parenting 2 children require 8 sets of arms and 5 sets of eyes and quantities of patience only known to Saints? Indeed. But Ashton's grandmas have been here and made it feel like all of those extra arms and eyes and buckets of patience have been ready and waiting.

Like I said, the title "transitions" deserves quite a bit more than this and I'm sure there will be detailed parts 2, 3, and maybe even 4. But for now the bottom line is this: Ash is kicking arse at being a big brother and Leni has mastered being a 2 week old eating and projectile pooping machine. And given all of the events of the last 2+ weeks, that's a pretty dang good bottom line.


julie said...

I can't wait to hear how Ash likes his new school! There will be many more transitions and I'm sure they will all be taken in stride! Hopefully you can get one of those precious brother-sister moments on camera soon, I can just picture it!

Carol McG said...

The part about the garbage can is too funny! I've heard of siblings asking to send them back but never putting them in the garbage can. It's nice to hear that he's loving her up a lot and going through the big changes in his life so well.